Bathroom remodeling may be challenging but worth all the effort. An amazing concept has become very popular lately – the open bathroom. This type of design is not a new trend as it has been used by luxury hotels and spas a few centuries ago. The open bathroom concept should not be confused with an open-plan bathroom, which is something completely different. The term refers to a room with a view to the outside space and it’s a great way to revitalize your bathroom and to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. An open bathroom is a great method to bring the outside in.

This article will reveal all about this bathroom concept and how you can achieve it in your home. Read it for great ideas and options for renovating.


1. Open bathrooms – beautiful solutions to create an intimate and relaxing space

The bathroom is a personal refuge where you can relax after a long day. To create the right balance and tranquility, focus on the design and choose an open bathroom decor. You will enjoy an incredible feeling of calm and a perfect space to start the day or to end a long one. More than that, homes with open bathrooms will increase their value. Unique bathtubs, wood tones or vintage mirrors, all these elements will help you design a bathroom retreat.

1.1. Open bathroom designs – benefits of the open concept in your home

If you’re thinking of improving your bathroom interior design, don’t overlook the great idea of an open bathroom. You can easily add glass as a replacement for the walls, achieving a unique and refined approach in this way. Before inspiring you with the best design ideas, let’s see what benefits will bring you this layout.

Natural light will enter the room more easily

Natural light is extremely important in a bathroom, especially when it comes to compact rooms. Why rely only on artificial light when you can design an open-concept bathroom with a great view. In this way, natural light will enter more easily into the room and make it more welcoming and brighter.

More attractive visual appearance

Opening up a bathroom space will contribute to a much more elegant aesthetic. Regardless of the style you want to go for, rustic, contemporary or modern, an open bathroom suits any taste.

It gives a feeling of extra space
Even if your bathroom is small, an open floor plan will create the feeling of space. You can choose a bathroom with doors that open outward if you want to enjoy a little tropical retreat.

Improved ventilation

Improved ventilation is another great advantage when you create an open bathroom. The idea of opening the windows or doors every time you want more fresh air it’s more than attractive.

1.2. Open bathroom design – creative ideas for remodeling

Even though bathrooms are among the most intimate rooms in a home, the open bathroom concept is becoming increasingly popular due to its luxurious design. Large windows overlooking enclosed courtyards or gardens create a wonderful connection between indoors and outdoors while maintaining much-needed privacy. You can even create a terrace bathroom to fully enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Look at these creative ideas for your home!

Spa room

Your bathroom serves more than just practical purposes. With the right open bathroom design, you will enjoy a pleasant and relaxing space, just like a spa. Try replacing a wall with a window for an outdoor feeling and accessorize with plants and candles. You can also incorporate some natural decor and opt for warm colors like beige, cool grey or rich brown. Place the bathtub on a carpet of pebbles and choose to decorate with natural stone and wooden elements. Nothing is more calming than taking a warm bath—it’s really Zen. The sights, sounds, and breezes of nature will help you unwind and give you a sense of being on vacation.

Rustic style

Decorating an open bathroom with a rustic style is a great way to show your appreciation for natural materials. You can use a combination of light and dark wood tones, vintage accessories and other details like wooden cabinets or mirrors. To add a vintage accent to your open bathroom decor you can use a vintage rug. You also can’t go wrong with a rustic bathtub placed in front of a window with a great view. An open bathroom with rustic decor it’s easy to obtain if you focus on natural materials and elements like wood natural, stone brick or leather.

Minimalist style

If you have a little courtyard area outside, you can place a bathroom basin at the window and enjoy a view without worrying about privacy. Another great idea is to opt for sliding doors opening to feel closer to nature. To achieve a minimalist style, you can use mixed metals,  mirrored finishes, and incorporate natural elements like wood cabinets. If you choose the minimalist style for you open bathroom design, you will have the opportunity to decorate with luxurious accessories without crowding the space too much. For a minimalist feeling in open bathrooms designs, focus on the view and the light. Stick to neutral colors on the walls and black plumbing fixtures for a cohesive look.

Open bathroom with skylight

One of the main causes of skylights’ rising popularity is that they update the room’s appearance and draw attention to the important details without actually altering the theme or design of the space. There is no doubt that an open bathroom with a skylight is a great way to fill the room with extravagance and architectural beauty. This kind of bathroom offers many benefits like improving ventilation, natural lighting, or increasing your home resale value, so it’s a real plus for any owner. Bathroom skylights help you enjoy an abundance of natural lighting and it’s a great option for a dark room. The best place for a skylight is a central position in the ceiling, but you can also place it above your bath or shower.

2. Open bathroom ideas – best tips for a unique project

Today, the bathroom has evolved into a place where people may escape the stress of their overbooked schedules. This is reflected in current design trends. The best open bathroom ideas incorporate sophisticated elements like soaking tubs, rich woods or earthy stones. The ideal bathroom also incorporates glass shower walls and doors to feel closer to nature. Warm climates are excellent for this kind of baths, but with some creative ideas and great bathroom remodel services you will achieve your dreams. Consider these tips to create a unique and luxurious aesthetic design for your bathroom project:

When you design a dream open bathroom, you must find a solution to integrate nature into your surroundings. To do that, you can use glass walls or sliding panels overlooking a beautiful, lush garden or flower-filled terrace. You could even place a soaking tub on the deck.
For more privacy in an open bathroom, shield yourself from prying eyes with a lush, natural green wall of bamboo or other exotic plants. This way, you can bring the outside in, but enjoy privacy at the same time. A glass wall invites light in, making you feel like you’re showering outdoors.
Don’t be afraid to use colors.

The bathroom doesn’t have to be the most monochromatic room in the house. You can choose green or pink decor. Imagine spending your time soaking in a bathtub while admiring the leafy decor. You can also use color-changing LEDs that give you the freedom to alter your color scheme at any time with the push of a button.

Concrete is often used to give your open bathroom design an industrial edge. To give the space a soft appearance, you can choose curved furniture, warm wood tones, and indoor plants.
Depending on your taste, you can place the shower outside and enjoy a great bath when the weather is pleasant. Or you can relax in the deep tub inside when it’s raining.

3. Open bathroom decor – how to choose colors depending on the size of the room?

Private rooms like baths are typically created to allow people to have brief moments of intimacy. Bur architects are now exploring new ideas in this area, designing open bathrooms to the outside and enabling the breeze to enter. What do you think about this new experience? Will you love the idea or will you still believe that the bathroom should be an enclosed place, without the possibility to see outside? The ideas presented in this article will give you a lot of thought. Collaborate with a team of bathroom remodeling experts and enjoy innovative concepts that will completely change the look of your bathroom.

If you choose open bathroom decor, keep in mind that the colors are very important. Let’s see what color palette is appropriate in such situations, also keeping in mind the size of the room:

Colors for a spacious bathroom

Emerald green is a great color if you want a serene and gorgeous space. A vibrant shade of green will give your bathroom a much-needed update.
Decorate your open bathroom with a rich red color scheme, combined with white and vintage furniture.

A warm color like red will give you a comfortable feeling. For a retro-inspired style, you can choose an electric blue color. For the ideal setting, combine the cool hue with cherry wood accessories and wallpaper in a similar design.

Black is a suggestion for creating a modern or bohemian atmosphere in a bathroom. This color is easy to use in combination with blue, green, or coral for visual contrast. Soft gray walls are perfect in open bathrooms. It can be combined with decorative items like a wooden ladder for towels.
Combine brick red claw-foot tubs with teal walls for a daring yet lovely color combination.
A mint color it’s a great option for cooling a sunny space like an open bathroom.

Colors for a small open bathroom

For a small open bathroom, use light colors, such as white, yellow, or pastel blue. Lighter colors reflect light easily, giving the impression that the room is larger. Blush pink is another color that reflects light and it can be paired with just about any other color.

Consider beige if you want a real neutral that will enlarge a small area. This color is undoubtedly very popular and simply fits everything.
If you choose white for open bathroom designs, then go for a matte finish that illuminates the room and adds gentle depth. The buttery white is warm and complements almost every color scheme.

If you want to add more color to your bathroom, you can do it with different accessories such as towels, artwork, small furniture, and plants. Open bathrooms go well with light colors, which expand the room and fit in perfectly with its open plan. Another way to add a touch of charm is to paint a single wall in a bold or intense color.

The open bathroom can be a real spa and a place for rest. Open design is an excellent idea for home renovation, offering the possibility to create unique, useful, original, and modern interiors. You can always opt for an open layout overlooking a mini garden or a terrace with tropical plants. A central copper tub can be the centerpiece and also a great place to relax and enjoy the fresh breeze. No matter what your idea is, a professional will always help you to get the perfect open bathroom decor and to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

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