Contemporary kitchens are in high demand because they combine modern visual elements with functional elements that add simplicity and efficiency. Sophisticated color schemes, minimalist designs, modern furniture and unique accents are used in order to enhance the entire room. If you want to remodel your kitchen, there are several ideas you can take into account to create a new setting, with the help of a team of specialists. If you are looking for original elements, carefully research some ideas that you can approach in this process.    

1. Contemporary kitchen design – Creative ideas and modern elements

There are several elements that are often found in contemporary kitchens that you can successfully integrate into your project. Here are some of the most popular ideas and details: Wood More and more designers use wood as a main material, because it creates warmth and harmony. If you want to get a rustic result, but in a contemporary style, while keeping, at the same time, a traditional vibe, you can use elements made of unprocessed wood, as raw as possible. You can use this material for both the furniture and the other accents and details that can make a difference. For example, you can create supports for the lighting fixtures, or you can opt for decorations made of natural wood. Colorful accents Even if contemporary kitchens focus on 2 or 3 main shades, color accents are welcome, because they are the ones that can give the whole space a sophisticated and playful air. You can go for bold colors that match the main color scheme. For example, if you choose to opt for a kitchen decorated in black and white, you have the freedom to add any kind of intense color: red, purple, orange, green or blue are excellent choices, which will bring freshness and originality to the whole design. Unique decorations Even if, in general, the kitchen is a space where you will find simple lines and elements that do not stand out too much, do not be afraid to add original decorations, which will totally transform the space into an original one . You can opt for works of art to decorate the walls or you can add attractive plants or other types of special decorations. Thus, you will create a welcoming environment where you can feel really good, together with your friends and family. All these small details can make a difference as they will help you create a space that defines you. Storage spaces Storage spaces are essential both functionally and aesthetically. They are useful for storing all the utensils and accessories you need in the kitchen – so you need to make sure there is enough space for all the things you need. Collaborate with a team of specialists and opt for an optimal design that includes all these requirements. You can choose furniture that includes hanging units, multiple cabinets, well-organized shelves and other useful elements for storage. If the space in question is small, you can opt for various pieces of furniture that can be placed on top to gain more space. Dining area – Yes or no? If the space in the kitchen allows you to set up a dining area, you can include this space in your project. If you like this idea, you will also have to pay attention to the specific furniture you will choose. It is often said that the dining area is the center of the house, because this is where you eat with your loved ones. Comfort is very important when it comes to choosing dining furniture, but visual style should also be considered. The table and chairs are essential objects that visually define any dining space. It is best to choose simple but elegant models that match the design of the entire kitchen. If you want to opt for a truly contemporary and avant-garde vibe, you can select, for example, chairs that have a special design – unique and original, and also artistic shapes that stand out. Also, both color and material are important factors to consider. If you like, for example, the Scandinavian style that uses wood, you can choose chairs that have the main characteristics of this style. If you want to choose another type of material, you can choose fabric chairs, leather chairs, chrome or metal chairs, for a more sophisticated look. To ensure that the table and chairs have a similar design, you can choose similar models that contain at least one common element (material, print, design, etc.). In addition, to choose the right chairs, you must take into account the dimensions of the table. Oval, round, rectangular or extendable tables can accommodate more chairs compared to square tables. To make sure you select the ideal chairs, you need to measure the height of the table, the thickness of the table top and the space between the chairs. In general, it is recommended to leave 6 inches between each seat. You should also leave 36 inches between chairs and walls or furniture so they can be easily pulled back. If you want them to go under the table when not in use, you need to take care of the handles and the height of the seat. However, if the dimensions of the kitchen do not allow you to set up a dining area, you do not have to worry. You can set up such a space as part of the living room or in another area of the house, depending on your home design. Lighting Light is very important when it comes to decorating a room. The kitchen must be well lit, both from natural and artificial sources. In general, opt for a light that has a neutral tone, strong enough to carry out your culinary activities efficiently, with an optimal level of concentration. Light that is too cold can become tiring, while light that is too warm can create an optimal setting for relaxation and disconnection, and this can be unpleasant when you have certain household tasks to complete. Light can have a powerful effect on ambience and space – placed correctly, it can visually increase the dimensions of the space. If you like to spend time in the kitchen not only cooking, but also enjoying delicious dishes or chatting with your loved ones, you must opt for lighting fixtures that meet all these needs. So, you can have different types of lighting: mood, feature or task lighting. Task lighting is the one that must be placed in the work areas, where you carry out your activity and need strong light (cooking area, sink, etc.). Mood lighting is the one that can help create a pleasant and welcoming ambience, while feature lighting adds extra originality and uniqueness to the entire space (for example, you can highlight certain objects or areas with the help of LED strips). Also, regarding the lighting fixtures, you can choose them according to material, shape or color. Depending on the design you will choose for the kitchen, you can select lighting fixtures that respect the same style or bring something extra. For example, if you want a contemporary kitchen, you can choose metal, silver or gold chandeliers, which will bring a little elegance to the whole space, while keeping the contemporary vibe. In addition, you can install spotlights in order to illuminate the entire space in a modern and efficient way. Of course, if you want to set up a contemporary space similar to science-fiction designs, you can experiment with all kinds of original shapes, but also with LED strips. LED strips can delimit certain areas and surround certain objects – the visual result is extremely harmonious and original.

2. Contemporary kitchens – TIPS & TRICKS you need to know!

Designing a contemporary kitchen can be a challenge, but everything becomes simpler if you have the right elements at hand. You can create a modern and stylish atmosphere if you keep a few important things in mind. So, if you want to remodel your kitchen, there are some TIPS & TRICKS that you have to consider. ● If you have a large space at your disposal, you can opt for an L-shaped or U-shaped design, choosing to integrate an island or a central peninsula, which will represent the perfect space for carrying out all culinary activities. This island can be equipped with multiple drawers and shelves, thus giving you additional storage spaces that you can use as you wish. ● If the space is small, you can choose to mask large appliances or massive objects to give the impression of a bigger space. So, you can create the furniture design keeping this aspect in mind. ● Select materials with a contemporary look, even if they may seem out of the ordinary. More and more modern designs use stainless steel, concrete, stone or glass – so don’t be afraid to use such special materials. ● Appliances are part of any kind of kitchen – therefore, if you want to have a modern kitchen, you must also choose modern appliances, which are stylish and energy-efficient. ● To save space, you can choose various multifunctional gadgets to help you carry out your activities in the most efficient way. Thus, if you have a small kitchen, you will no longer crowd the storage spaces with various types of appliances. ● Industrial elements are very popular and appreciated in modern kitchens. Steel appliances, lighting fixtures, metal backsplashes and other decorations with an industrial vibe are used in these designs. Metal and steel are frequently used, but bricks are also used for creating brick walls and industrial finishes. Therefore, there are several types of ideas that you can take into account if you want to create a contemporary kitchen decor. You can be inspired by different designs specially created for kitchens and, for sure, you will find a style that suits you. Explore images, find out what is known as contemporary and find out how to decorate a kitchen, in a creative way. You can remodel your kitchen with the help of experts – you can collaborate with an experienced team that offers you kitchen remodel services, in order to create a beautiful project. In conclusion, it is not complicated to create a contemporary design if you consider several aspects and details. First, you need to make a plan by making a list of priorities. Think about what is the final look that you imagine and what are the elements you need in order to reach the desired result. Then, together with the team of experts, you will be able to find out what steps you need to take to get all those items. Finishes, furniture, lighting, decorations and other objects have a major effect on the final visual impact. Therefore, nothing should be left out, because every detail can influence the actual design. Contemporary design is permissive, because it values simplicity and elegance, but also creativity and imagination. Therefore, you have to think about whether you want to go for a more classic vibe, or for a more extravagant one that will surely stand out. Depending on this aspect, you will be able to orient yourself towards the perfect solutions for you and you will be able to choose all the elements you need to materialize all the ideas you have. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things – after all, the kitchen is an important space, where you have to feel good while you cook, but also when you spend time with your loved ones, or when you relax drinking your coffee in the morning. You will definitely find creative and original ideas that will please you. Explore examples, pictures and ideas in order to find your inspiration. You will definitely succeed in creating a special kitchen that will impress all your guests. Remodel your kitchen and give it a new vibe that suits you! Photo source:    
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